FREE Cypro “First Steps” IT Career Training Program for Women

With support from the Digital Belgium Skills Fund, on 16 October the Digital Leadership Institute will launch CyPro “First Steps” IT Career Training Program for Women at Digital Brusselles. In partnership with Cisco, AWS and other top-tier technology companies, the CyPro “First Steps” program will deliver up to 30 women delegates a free 6-week training program (EN/FR/NL) covering the fundamentals of cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Linux, AWS cloud services and networking.

Led by certified trainers and content experts and held at partner locations and the Digital Brusselles space, CyPro “First Steps” aims to provide delegates a basic understanding of critical fields in information technology, and support them through a long-term training and apprenticeship trajectory to develop their skills as IT experts.

Upon completion of the CyPro “First Steps” program, delegates will be eligible for a CompTIA A+ certification and placement in a paid IT apprenticeship where they will continue working and training for a period of up to 36 months toward IT specialisation in an area of their choosing, including Cloud Solutions Architect, Data Science, Networking, Cybersecurity, IoT, etc.

Targeting Women

The CyPro program targets women* re-entering the workplace and those seeking to transition into career paths that are more technical and leadership focused, with an emphasis on participants possessing several years of professional experience. Women with non-technical backgrounds are encouraged to apply. No technical experience is required to join the CyPro program.  *Anyone who identifies as a woman

No Program Costs

There are no training or certification exam costs related to participating in the CyPro program.  However registration is necessary and delegate participation is only confirmed upon written acceptance to the program.  Spaces are strictly limited and organisers reserve the right to give priority to candidates demonstrating the strongest commitment to completing the entire courseload.

Registration & Information:

Click here to register for the CyPro “First Steps”  IT Career Training program.

If you would like more information about the CyPro program or wish to host a paid CyPro associate in your IT organisation, please contact us or attend an upcoming CyPro Information Session:

Training Program

Class Schedule:

  • Program Dates: 16 October-30 November 2017 (6 weeks)
  • Languages: EN/FR/NL
  • No classes 30 October-4 November
  • 90% onsite training participation is required for certification and apprenticeship eligibility
Weekly Training Schedule:
  • Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri – 9:00-15:00
  • Wed – 9:00-11:30

CyPro “First Steps” Schedule & Curriculum:

  • 16-20 October:  Intro to IoT with Mai Ensmann – Cisco Networking Academy Course Certificate
  • 23-26 October – Intro to Cybersecurity with Hiba Khalid – Cisco Networking Academy Course Certificate
  • 26-27 October:  Linux Unhatched with Hiba Khalid – Cisco Networking Academy Course Certificate
  • 6-28 November:  IT Essentials with Hiba Khalid – Cisco Networking Academy Certificate & CompTIA+ professional certification
  • 29-30 November: AWS Technical Essentials with Hiba Khalid – AWS Educate Course Badge
  • 30 November 18:00-19:00 – “CyPro First Steps” Graduation Ceremony as part of 2017 European Ada Awards Ceremony at BeCentral in Brussels

Training Details:

    • 16-20 October – Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT): In the digital economy, IT skills will matter in more job functions than ever before. New jobs will be created to realize the potential of connecting people, processes, data, and things. From computer science to engineering to information science to management, understanding the IoT will be an advantage for job seekers at all levels. The Introduction to IoT course provides an overview of key concepts and challenges related to digital transformation. The course examines the evolution of the Internet and how the interconnection of people, processes, data, and things is transforming every industry.
    • 23-26 October – Introduction to Cybersecurity: The demand for cybersecurity experts has grown 3 times faster than any other IT job role, and training a cybersecurity workforce is a priority of many governments. From confidential company data to personal information, more connections make data more vulnerable to attacks, increasing the demand for professionals with cybersecurity skills. The Introduction to Cybersecurity course students will explore the broad topic of cybersecurity, learn how to protect personal data and privacy online and in social media, and understand why more and more IT jobs require cybersecurity awareness and understanding.
    • 26-27 October – Introduction to Linux: The expansion of open source is redefining IT job roles by requiring Linux skills. Knowledge of Linux is an important differentiator for business and IT professionals interested in big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, information systems, networking, programming, software development, and more. The NDG Linux Unhatched course exposes new learners to the basics of Linux software installation and configuration, and introduces the Linux command line.
    • 6-28 November – IT Essentials: The IT Essentials course covers fundamental computer skills for entry-level IT jobs. The course includes hands-on labs that provide practical experience to prepare students for enterprise networking.
    • 29-30 November – AWS Technical Essentials: The AWS Technical Essentials course introduces AWS products, services, and common solutions. Recognize terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS platform and navigate the AWS Management Console. Students will learn to navigate the AWS platform and AWS Management Console, and will be introduced to the AWS foundational services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).